Artist Statement

What drives my photographic vision is an unrelenting, burning desire within me to capture and share how I uniquely experience a place, a person, a moment. My intense passion compels me to frequently return to a place I have seen or remember in my minds eye, camera in hand, to explore, revisit, define, redefine, state, question and conquer it in my work.

I am drawn to an eclectic view of subject and photographic style. My approach is not always specific to me or to one way of seeing things. Because of this I remain conscious of being open and flexible in aesthetic considerations, and this is reflected in my choices from project to project.

Influenced by a background in graphic design, I naturally tend to look for strong graphic cues as the backdrop for a captured moment. I am not, however, always interested in technical perfection, as it can sometimes answer too many questions and detract from the essence and emotion of a subject. A successful image can often be ambiguous, engaging the viewer to find his or her own interpretation. I feel that imperfection in an image can often create a sense of atmosphere and poetic tension. Commonly viewed pieces of life can be plucked and refined or redefined in a photograph. Reactions become political statements, experiences become questions, and one-way streets become two-way streets. These pieces of life become beautiful, infinite moments of discovery.

A superlative photograph needs no explanation and yet demands one. It can capture both a small, unique space of time and an entireĀ era. It radiates spontaneity and sophistication, preserving light, becoming a beautiful moment saved from obscurity for eternity.

Richard Marazzi

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